About this blog

I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

My GATE Ranks for the last ౩ attempts

2007 ---369
Hey i am getting improved year by year , Right!

"Dedicated to my beloved Instructors "

This is my Lifetime agenda (Estimated for the next 30 years i.e. 2009-2039)

1) Open-GL (to programme atleast One High end game under my name
Applications involving Linear Algebra)
2) LAMP-implementation
౩) LPP-Book by
M. S. Bazarra, J.J. Jarvis, and H.D. Sherali, " Linear Programming and Network Flows"
(hmm :( . not sure about Network flows)
4) Differential Geometry ( to produce atleast one page of work)
5) Quality Education to the poor(tribals )
5(1)) Atleast one village of 100% literacy .
6) A mechanical engineering degree
7) An LLB degree or MA-Political science
8) Languages: Tamil , malayalam ,kannada , (If I won't
die much early , french and spanish too :)
9) labview Implementation to Home-Appliances.
and partly
10) Political involvent with the currently running selfish-
minded society to make them know
"what the hell are they doing?" , and what has to be done to secure lifes of their future
generations in a more cunning way (coz. the problem becomes tough when we are dealing with the so called "Educated " persons
11) To become an active member of Open-Source movement.

Hey me always try to pretend as if I am cool guy , but what I can do,merely , My gene mocking me 24x7 (too much ! yaar) for being one of these Intelligent-Humans.
I would have been in safeside if had born like some other species like a donkey,or an ant or the safest creature "a virus" :)

Ok ok comming to the point ,
If you want to hit me , first suggest me some sources/universities(distance mode) and then go ahead with your criticism and your blah-blah as well as your feellings of anguish in literature
(telugu would be a nice choice to convey me your ideas ,perfectly) .
(should be like , 'soothing to my heart' ) Okay.

I guess you got MAD enough .

If so , you must be a real Maddy or Great some great thinker like Galileo and socrates or wright brothers etc..... (copied from 'Challenge' ,a telugu motion picture )
Ok shoot me now ! :)

IIT, IIM alumni to contest 40 seats


They must be some sorts of idiots, Right ! ( or we ?)

IIM should motivate students to opt for politics-Kalam

What do you say?