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I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

Some clever tools to understand or assess a persons habits/psyche

Hi all,
I have found these tricks by my self experience and observations to get idea of some persons mentality and etc.
Healthy criticism are greatly welcome.
1) Walk:
2) Eating Habits
3) Favorite movie list
4) smile
5) shake hand
6) Dressing
7) shoe/chappal
8) things in his/her Pocket
9) Hobbies
10) fantasies
11) signature
12) The way they call a servant
13) The time they spend on their cell phones

Felt like a Free Bird

Yesterday , when right after My guide excused me from the lab work after my wish. I felt like I suddenly got into a mood that I enjoyed during my B.Sc days (It is precisely like, I think about whatever I see . In some sense I used to "think deeply about everything I come across" can be called "Too much, freaky Analysis :P ).
   And a realization to me that I can work more efficiently If I am set free from the bindings. True !
At last , the year 2010 has given me some new thought treatment for my MIND.

A standard technique by the Mathematicians to manufacture the articles

1) Convert whatever the result you see in continuous form in to   
   discrete sense.
2) clone the results in 1-dim to the n-dimensions ,if possible ,to abstract spaces also.
3) converse to the point (1)

P.S: of all these I like the first one and the results look so beautiful to conceive and can be applied.

Delhi Metro

is just Amazing !

Sensitivity ! here is something you can ridicule or to support

Every Human being possess sufficient sensitivity when he born,

when we are kids, we possess sufficient knowledge, divinity , sensitivity to know and learn things,

With time the surroundings will influence a particular human being to lost his sensitivity and make hearts hard and lifeless,

the challenge lies in keep safe the sensitivity which makes us close to Divinity.

Once Heart must be sensible to Human Sufferings,

Until A Heart  is sensitive to sufferings of the living it will possess greater imagination,Concentration and creats magical things.


Source : Srinath Polineni

ఐతే నాకేంటంట?

నవ్వడం ఒక భోగం. నవ్వించడం ఒక యోగం. నవ్వలేక పోవడం ఒక రోగం

Philosophy is just a Philosophy

Philosophy can never be an obvious solution for natural problems .It is more truth for itself  but hard to be applied.

less time to feel sorrow

a) when I feel sad ,I cry
     when I am crying , I become angry on myself
       when I feel the anguish , I smile at my immaturity :D
b) When I smile , I continue my smile for I am smiling :D
Love to Laugh :)

Now I believe Telugu is one of the best of all languages

English , French,.....  even tamil also have some fucking grammar about their alphabets that some should not be pronounced and some resemble in other way unlike to their apperance And some languages lack some basic sounds too.
In Tamil, they use a single letter for more than one sound.
  The best alphabet with very good grammar and apt pronunciations ,  I found , until now is Telugu (I don't have any Idea about samskritam , this is an exception). In this way I found that every language has some kind of Handicappedness or with bullshit construction.

Kudos to TELUGU ,I love it.

Einstein, Underrated ! Hahaha...

Looking for a Pretty* MATCH

It's been so long since I indulged in a Quarrel. I remember , in my school days during The sunday matches we and some other colony guys used to kick elsewhere and heavily provoking each other if the final result is tending towards the otherside and mailnly when  we smell something like the Bet spent on the match is going to be jeopardized , in Madhuranagar Gardens a Big memory for my fighting Entertainment.
  The next big known assaults is due to my classmate Aravind.He has a habit of biting anywhere else on the body during the fights ,  I fear from him The most.Idiot ,Now he is in a software company, might be biting someones L-!ot 1!p5 so cruelly :P
And my last quarrel was with Sudhakar , my neighbor and friend :) due to some faults in arranging BHOGI fire in my 1st year Bsc.
  Since then I forgot to indulge in assaults due to more more studies.  4vk the studies, errrrr...
Now a days I am requesting my fellow Block mates for some Exercises , :(  refusing , Coz. they might have matured enough ,I guess :P   

Here's my punch take this    punch_03.gif

Courtesy: A recall of my memories when sharing with An Intimate friend. 

This is my destiny :)

जीवन  में  प्रीत  है , होटों पे  गीत  है 
बस  येहि  जीत  है  सुन  ले  राहि 
तु  जिस  दिशा  भी  जा , तु  प्यार  ही  लुटा   
तु  दीप  ही  जला , सुन  ले  राहि 

    రౌతు విజయకృష్ణ ,                                                     

The most beautiful Kiss I have ever seen !

Morning Raga , a Telugu-English mixed-language movie, scripted for advertising the concept of  '' Fusing carnatic classical music with western instruments support '' for which the music was done By Mani sarma(First I didn't believed that it is Him for some while and later I was in confusion to see him as the score maker this movie.
Amazingly done!
And The Most beautiful kiss that I am talking about happens in a song with a village road backdrop and hero rides his lady on a bycycle and a gentle kiss ...so sweet to seee.........  :) 
Do miss it to see If you feel that you are damn Unlucky !

Severely shot'p

Golimaar , a telugu crime/drama based movie done by Puri Jagannath(My all time Best Director) , has told me many of this  current civilazation Trend.  And some dialogs are So nude in truth that we hesitate to accept (All of them were focussed on Male Psychology and some are Generic).
Nice script Sir :)

P.S: Puri is the one among the under-educated Film Directors, whom I admire very much , His kind of Instincts in his movies , I admire more.

I'm blessed with a beautiful sister

I know, Someday i shall have to lose my Parents But My sister is to me like a ray of hope in whom I feel the resemblance of my Ultimate lover(My Father) and a moderately valued  Mother.
Love you ra ! chellemma :)

The most Beautiful Message I ever received from one of my Friends

Define Birthday?
Ans: The only day in your Life, when you cried & your mother was smiling.....   

courtesy: Mr.Narendranath Yerra


something I found Interesting Regarding Shares

Yesterday, A workshop was conducted by B-club members on 'CommodityStocks'.
The Guest speaker Prashanth Reddy a Professional from NCDEX , stated that CommodityStocks are going to be the Futures biggest Trade, not oil or energy or bankings .
I really had enjoyed the session, It made me look into the Stocks in a very different way.
I hope , I shall learn more about it in future.
Many Many thanks to the Speaker.

A new Sprout in my field of thoughts

After listening to 'Morning Raga' album , I , now intent to work on the basic syllables/phonetics 'sarigamapadani' and the science behind it And If possible , look for Any Mathematicization of it.
So that Any tune can be converted into the symbols of mathematics, and hence thereby, their compactifications(if possible)
Nice Music score form Manisarma , You are my second best after Rahman.

A new discovery for Myself ,I Can dance on my own composition of steps

Just a while ago I heard the song "nee valape" from the ROBO-Telugu.
Hurray!, Second Instance onwards , I started dancing like, my soul is flying in breeze and my own composition of movements.
Amazing Art of thou, Rahman!
Thanks man(Some form of God)
P.S: Don't ask me to dance. Copy rights are reserved for my Future wife only :P

The dangerous thing that can make you an irreparable loss/damage

Uttering a fact that was not so Obvious
use gossips :P , tell it to the deserved only

Be conscious where you are , to whom you are talking to!
P.S The best known victims are early scientists and philosophers.

To sides of a same Coin

Everyone smiles in the same language.

A smile is the universal welcome.

To laugh and make others to laugh is an art of divine

Know , how important it is to heat up your body regularly

One purpose of a fever is thought to be to raise the body's temperature enough to kill off certain bacteria and viruses sensitive to temperature changes. One interesting debate right now, therefore, is, "Should you lower a fever?"Aspirin, for example, will reduce fever; but if the fever is actually helping rid the body of infection, then lowering it might not be a good idea. On the other hand, people sometimes die from fever. Right now the general medical consensus falls on the "reduce the fever" side of the fence.

Source: http://health.howstuffworks.com/human-body/systems/immune/question45.htm

Starting to hate Gnu/Linux , especially Ubuntu

It was 2007 when I installed my ubuntu(dapper drake) first time.
next ,edgy  then feisty fawn ..... after that a big gap of 2 years.

Now Ubuntu has become much worse than Windows.
You just need to work/think like a kid to install a fresh copy of GNU/Linux .
No need to touch your Terminal. The worst thing that happened in my system is ,It didn't fetched the sources for other terminals(all 7 except for that of GUI) .
Googling everyday a lot to get back those blacky-sexy-Terminals.
Please someone get back my Seeta :P

Else I need to look for another girl(my past gentoo or for Ms.Fed or ....)  :D

Windows 7 Ultimate

Working good ;Need a copy? mail me
Getting drivers from intel site is still a problem.
looking for comments

Another Beginning

Date: 5-08-2010


My favourites

Equality is not so obvious in Mathematics

Analysis ,The toughest of all mathematical branches , is all about manipulating the inequalities to prove The Equalities.

Planted Dosakaya cucumber kakadi seeds just beside my block

Pics of sprouted tiny plants(saplings)

on 2010-24-aug

on 2010- 1-sept

Whom do we call ,an under privileged Kid? interms of education

1) too far(2km or more) away from his school.
2) In a school without adequate qualified staff.
3) with no proper textbooks.
4) surviving with a malnutritioned diet.
5) child labour.
6) child with no proper monitoring from his/her parents or disoriented kid.

still to be edited.

Hello in all languages

My definition for mental maturity

Symptoms of a matured person:
1) They know How good they are.
2) They know How bad they are.
3) They know where to expose their good/bad and get benefited.
4) They avoid or try to alleviate the havocs happening around them to keep themselves safe and in serenity.
These are enough for the precision of my definition.

sarv siksha abhiyan


from national information center *.nic.*

A beautiful girl caught in "where in the world"

I don't know how many people start believing this If I say "I almost felt like  I was mesmerized in seeing her, was dumb for some 2 minutes"
Don't know anything about her.found it in Google Picasa "Where in the world" Game
She is in far right in the above pic.
P.S: Do not comment immaturedly :) , It is all about realizing The natural Instincts. After all we are animals(social)

My opengl VC++ hunts have begun

Don't know how much I can learn in opengl

A promise

*he want to change he*self forever , I thi nk I can wait.

know your linux system information


My AutoBiography

Vijayakrishna Rowthu Profile

My personal Abstract :)

At present ,I am working as a junior Research Scholar , here at IIT-Kanpur,INDIA in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

"once upon a time"

There lived a freak :) who never thought of 'what to become' and was used to play all the day on weekends and by the way he also used to eat some kicks form his parents like they were playing soccer ,from top to bottom using almost all the weapons ;)from kitchen to garden.
After his secondary schooling he thought of joining in the army as he found a disgusting thing that 'everyone heading for engineering courses like a herd of sheeps' and more truth is that his financial condition was also not that sound. So he took MSP in B.Sc. ,cause it is little cheaper than MPC course :)
First year it went busy somehow in library reading dictionaries ,encyclopaedias ,Miscellanious .Eventually he fell in love
with the witch of sciencs ,some intimidated people call her The queen of sciences ,'Mathematics'.
There my identity was lost , yet in search of my Existence and this wandering may come to an end by the end of this year.

"Some Past"

I was an Undergraduate student here when 2005-07 in the branch of Mathematics & Statistics ,after then I was hired into HCL Infosystems (Pondicherry)
as an R&D Engineer , but my psyche discouraged me to dwell in that field despite my Poor avidity to Money (,even till today My Financial Conditions are
still unchanged !) ,Soon I joined in an E-Learning Company based at Visakhapatbnam as an online Tutor , as a part of Preparation to get into an academic
Institution for Research in my Favourites Geometry and Physics.

"Pseudo Present"

   And now on my way(since 2 1/2 years) to shape, some of my work on elliptic equations in to a worthful article


and apart from that now doing 3 courses and a Research Unit course in CFD , as per the curriculum of the Ph.D. course designed here in our


My Future? Ha Ha Ha ...It's a big joke

My personal Interests are in :


Mathematical Physics ,

Human Psychology ,

Philosophy of the prevailing Biological Nature

and in Mathematical Computing / [GNU]Shell Scripting .

Want to have more?

Your kind Suggestions are welcome at, 2rowthu@gmail.com
I have found one truth about me "I am an Animal, sometimes I try to wrap that with my intelligence" :)

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My new friend Migraine

In last december (  i.e. in 2009 dec)  I suffered a lot from one side head ache(due to sudden change in weather (from vijayawada to kanpur in severe winter))) for nearly 2 days then I went to  health center , there I got the right treatment(successive dose of painkillers for 3 days))  to lose my vision somewhat bad And later on for 3 weeks I was walking like a drug addict due to partially unconscious state of mind. (Making everyone to think as if I took some Ganza)  , What can I do , poor vijay !  Later on , I realized one more beautiful truth that I am bowling without vision, batting has become  more worst .  My friend  Pavan always used to suggested me to consult an opthomologist , But I didn't.
    Now I am  repenting .
Cause, I am again caught by the same pain after having 5 consecutive swims (wet head) , this time I  could manage it with just one painkiller(ofcourse fought with it some 2.5 days already ) and some paracetamols and Half the amrutanjanam bottle  :)  ,still eating the  restless nights  . Vision is superbly bad now.

P.S: The main culprit was My Sinusitis (I am having her love since 2004  , B.Sc)
        Already 1 major 2 minor operations being done.

My aim to write this post is to make yo know How sexy "The sinusitis" is ! Becareful friends , take early actions else repent like me   in writing these blog posts.

Enjoy  your Life

The Expected

This post is related to  http://rowthu.blogspot.com/2010/02/new-fear-in-my-mind.html

An unexpected result made my expectation true.  Don't know whether to cherish  or  mourn this moment .
I was awarded a beautiful F (fail) grade  in Abstract Algebra (compulsary course) . The instructor is known for his cool mentality in grading( used to give A & B s only) , But this time what the HELL has happened to him , He punished me very badly , He said I got 29 in final which made me short of 1 mark to have got passed.
That one fking F changed all my academic record (past and future) caused me to take an unavoidable offer  of  Termination.
  All my future plans are going to SUCK.

BAANAM , a wonderful telugu movie

I like these two dialogues especially,
  1)  If some good/bad happens to  a person  ,the human are the direct/obvious reason, then why the question of
 2)  A smile needs no language.
And many ...

shambo shiva shambo

I really do appreciate this director, Samuthrakani for making such a woderful movie with an excellent script and cast.
thanks man , it made me to realize something very true in our society.

I am following googlism :)

Helping hands are better than praying lips.
  recently I have realized one thing about god , Yes "It EXIST" , in the form of " Google " .
Yes I agree I am addicted to Google. 
and oh! ,She(It)  is too hot!  ;)

Joy of making screensavers

3 days back I have made my first ever windows application installer that can load screensavers on to your system. I felt very much excited with enthusiasm after cheching my first ever self made installer working on my system without any errors.
Writing screensavers is not a new thing for me , but making an installer was really a great experience for me.
I was writing screensavers since my B.Sc.2nd year(2004) , but the fullscreen method implementation was done to all my screensavers very recently(with the courtesy of google) and consequently in no time I have learned how to make an installer comprising all my screensavers.
Mirrors:1 (iit kanpur domain)  http://home.iitk.ac.in/~rowthu/math.html
             2 (Box share)   http://www.box.net/shared/5fb3ptnkog
so many Thanks to Google :)

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My Lifetime Ambitions

1) A new Model of Education for the underprivileged kids without the
    requirements of higher money donations.
2) forming of a night club of people to collect the leftovers of dinner after 10PM
    from each and every home and their redistribution as early as possible.
3) Career guidance sessions for the underprivileged teenagers.
4) farm cultivation as a primary job , for me :).
5) Special interactive classes for the underprivileged kids for their understanding of Mathematics
    and other related area in a more practical way.
6) To produce atleast 10 qualified politicians for society
     ofcourse I assume my children too , for this project.I'm Serious. :)
7) A perfect environment for kids ,  to enjoy their kinder age ,like I did in my
     childhood :)
8) To dwell my lifetime in villages as long as possible.I know ,It is difficult to live
    in a less facilitated rural area.
9) To solve the Basic need of Drinking water problem in as many places as
10) To become an active member of Loksatta .Incase, if it gets molested in
     future somehow ,then I don't wait a minute to rebuild my own stage of morale with the then-socially active intellectuals.
11) And Not to neglect any of the aforesaid plans until they were got accomplished.
                and finally the naughtiest one,
         I try my best to live/pass my life  with my one and only loving wife. ;)

P.S: I always welcome or support or like to ( include / be included) with  your
       team( if some of you are on it) and to have your kind suggestions.(in Comments section)


Blogs for mathematics or statistics students

The two blogs namely http://jam-maths.blogspot.com
and http://gatemaths.blogspot.com are being developed for helping the students preparing for IIT or subsequent exams or entrance tests.
 Please solve as many questions as possible along with some explanations if possible. You can write them in comments section in your own symbols.
 consequently, I shall be  converting  them into mathematical symbols later on.
thanks in advance.

Transformed from an eggetarian to a vegetarian

Upto my intermediate years I was never worried when my father was cutting a birds head off for feeding us, but gradually I have become more worried about this killing these innocents .
Samkranthi is a most celebrated festival in the lifes of andhrapradesh people during which many rituals takes place and partly these bird/goat offerings too.On one such a day , I heard to the timidness of my own pet lying in my hand, just before when she is going to be offered to the deity. I requested my father to cease that immediately , he denied, from then i was too denying to touch non-veg. But , my tongue knows the taste of it , so i have just settled for eggs only.
Now, that is , after 5 years I came to a more pathetic realisation that I have no right to touch its eggs.
How would it be if some super animals to us will start chopping our/childrens heads, off , for their prey. You are concerned ? seems like violating Human rights?
Don't worry yaar , we will never be letting that happen , be proud ! we are the most intelligent animals(social) on this planet .
P.S: I believe , we humans have hearts.

A declaration

Mr. Koteswara rao gadda
and Srinath polineni
I confer these two , the "Big devils" in my List of friends and am proud to be their friend :)

unveiled Charms of The queen , from my perspective

1. Condition for oscillatory ness of a solution of an ODE y''+a(x)y=0
3. the two brothers o and inf
4. The Big contributor "The Derivative"

A new fear in my Mind

Can I survive here? for atleast one more semester

Am I alright?

Day by day , I am becoming more stupid.
7 years back-----> In my B.Sc interview one Lecturer asked me "will you learn Driving a car?"
I said I won't !
5 years back----->My uncle has asked me to buy a scooter for myself in future. I replied with a :)
2 years back-----> One colleague in my office has asked me "Why don't you buy a two wheeler?"
I replied ," Me too have that Interest but I have more concern on carbon
emissions then my enjoyment and I hope I would never ! :) "
8 months back---> After joining here in IITK, one of my friend has asked me to buy a cycle atleast,
This time ,I said "I like to walk as much as I can , and i see upon the
circumstances in future and thereby....
I say to Myself----> I am very lucky to have a perfect , healthy pair of legs.
recently---> My wife has revealed me that she likes to go on a ride with me ,
What should I do now?

After 3 years I came to a Realisation "I am an addict"

P.S. It is that bloody, GNU/Linux.

A big disappointment , can be notable in my life !

My 3 year old work has now become a dupe, forever :(
Got the right link after 3 years,Everything at
P.S. But still they left out something for me. and I am on it. I shall be banging that theory
with my perfect 'EGG' :)

The movies that impressed me ,

These list mainly are of/with some positive attitude towards life and with some practically true situations that we can believe of , of their existence. Commenting is a helpful attitude.
And the list mainly includes the genre of 'Romance' or relational sentiments .
1. Life is beautiful 2. sada mee sevalo 3. cheppave chirugaali 4. ananthapuram 5. kalasala
6. happydays 7. jagadam 8. josh 9. anaadi 10. Iddaru
11. nayakudu 12. aakali rajyam 13. challenge 14. chirunavvuto 15. godavari
16. avakaya biryani 17. neninte 18. bujjigadu 19. jalsa
20. saving private ryan 21. Boys 22. 3 idiots
23. taare jameen par 24. ab tak chappan 25. apocalypto 26. aithe
27. vanaja 27. munnabhai mbbs 28. lageraho munnabhai 29. swades 30. mr.medhavi
31. maatridevobhava 32. dasavataaram 33. anukokunda oka roju 34. Rudraveena
35. Amrutha 36. sivaputhrudu 37. madhumasam
......continues :)
P.S: hey this is a personal post ha!, remember before commenting my taste :)

As said in my list of future events

i could able to learn alphabets of Tamil language only,
I tried them like an elementary class boy do .
And If you think it is that silly , childish ..etc , I can say you ,this is much faster method than any other learning method.
P.S: but still this alphabet is somewhat confusing :(

This semester template 2009-10 II nd semester

Crediting :mathematical methods , Algebra , Non linear Dynamics , And
Auditing : the course Differential Geometry
And a research Unit on Fluid mechanics and stability.

My last semester CPI was very bad , I spend not enough time for my studies.

This semester is also being continued with the same spirit :)
Someone Guide me or scold me please :)

My guide has given an article to read 3 days before , but yet I could able to study only the Abstarct part , some "gaaliyaan "please :)

Thank you.

Some Good things I have done in my Life

I feel happy when I serve/help someone in need .
And  extremely blissful when I feed a poor person in hunger.

1) Helped two old couple with a 100 to sent them to their village.
2) When each time I fed up two hungry men/women right just before
    settling for watching a movie in a theater.
     ( i used to spend 10rs for the ticket and 2*20's towards the meal for their
       hunger. Total 50rs ? So me too was spending the same money as you are .)
3) I paid double the money he asked , to a rickshaw wala , I can't forget the
    tears in his eyes till today.
4) 20 Icecreams to a mob of begging children near the RTC complex in Vizag.
5) Helped a person in trauma on the roads of vizag at 12:30AM midnight, he  
    was severly injured , the flood lights were also off , after some 10 mins two
    other guys(even they were drunk :)  assisted me to  handle the situation
     safely .
Have to recall back many incidents.
will update soon.

P.S: The reason behind writing this article is to promote the joy of helping.]
         (the ultimate motto of everyones life should be to Max*{H(*)-S(*)}
           where H for happiness and S for sorrow  ;) under the constraint that
          others shouldn't be hurt, Agreed?

Vanaja a Telugu Documentary , a story that can be believed

Really heart touching , and true in 100% .
I have been hearing to theese kind of incidents that usually do happen in village environments.
Now I believe how true those incidents were.
No criticism , but this film is all about show us a different world where our so called civilization rules have no meaning.

And cast have done to their best , and the director is Rajnish Domalapalli , Good work Doma :)

Apocalypto ,a Wonderful creation from Mel Gibson

A fine product from Mel Gibson , Really have enjoyed.

And one coincidence , this film was released on my 22nd Birthday ,
Thank you MG , :) , ( not Mahatma Gandhi)