About this blog

I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

The movies that impressed me ,

These list mainly are of/with some positive attitude towards life and with some practically true situations that we can believe of , of their existence. Commenting is a helpful attitude.
And the list mainly includes the genre of 'Romance' or relational sentiments .
1. Life is beautiful 2. sada mee sevalo 3. cheppave chirugaali 4. ananthapuram 5. kalasala
6. happydays 7. jagadam 8. josh 9. anaadi 10. Iddaru
11. nayakudu 12. aakali rajyam 13. challenge 14. chirunavvuto 15. godavari
16. avakaya biryani 17. neninte 18. bujjigadu 19. jalsa
20. saving private ryan 21. Boys 22. 3 idiots
23. taare jameen par 24. ab tak chappan 25. apocalypto 26. aithe
27. vanaja 27. munnabhai mbbs 28. lageraho munnabhai 29. swades 30. mr.medhavi
31. maatridevobhava 32. dasavataaram 33. anukokunda oka roju 34. Rudraveena
35. Amrutha 36. sivaputhrudu 37. madhumasam
......continues :)
P.S: hey this is a personal post ha!, remember before commenting my taste :)

As said in my list of future events

i could able to learn alphabets of Tamil language only,
I tried them like an elementary class boy do .
And If you think it is that silly , childish ..etc , I can say you ,this is much faster method than any other learning method.
P.S: but still this alphabet is somewhat confusing :(

This semester template 2009-10 II nd semester

Crediting :mathematical methods , Algebra , Non linear Dynamics , And
Auditing : the course Differential Geometry
And a research Unit on Fluid mechanics and stability.

My last semester CPI was very bad , I spend not enough time for my studies.

This semester is also being continued with the same spirit :)
Someone Guide me or scold me please :)

My guide has given an article to read 3 days before , but yet I could able to study only the Abstarct part , some "gaaliyaan "please :)

Thank you.

Some Good things I have done in my Life

I feel happy when I serve/help someone in need .
And  extremely blissful when I feed a poor person in hunger.

1) Helped two old couple with a 100 to sent them to their village.
2) When each time I fed up two hungry men/women right just before
    settling for watching a movie in a theater.
     ( i used to spend 10rs for the ticket and 2*20's towards the meal for their
       hunger. Total 50rs ? So me too was spending the same money as you are .)
3) I paid double the money he asked , to a rickshaw wala , I can't forget the
    tears in his eyes till today.
4) 20 Icecreams to a mob of begging children near the RTC complex in Vizag.
5) Helped a person in trauma on the roads of vizag at 12:30AM midnight, he  
    was severly injured , the flood lights were also off , after some 10 mins two
    other guys(even they were drunk :)  assisted me to  handle the situation
     safely .
Have to recall back many incidents.
will update soon.

P.S: The reason behind writing this article is to promote the joy of helping.]
         (the ultimate motto of everyones life should be to Max*{H(*)-S(*)}
           where H for happiness and S for sorrow  ;) under the constraint that
          others shouldn't be hurt, Agreed?

Vanaja a Telugu Documentary , a story that can be believed

Really heart touching , and true in 100% .
I have been hearing to theese kind of incidents that usually do happen in village environments.
Now I believe how true those incidents were.
No criticism , but this film is all about show us a different world where our so called civilization rules have no meaning.

And cast have done to their best , and the director is Rajnish Domalapalli , Good work Doma :)

Apocalypto ,a Wonderful creation from Mel Gibson

A fine product from Mel Gibson , Really have enjoyed.

And one coincidence , this film was released on my 22nd Birthday ,
Thank you MG , :) , ( not Mahatma Gandhi)