About this blog

I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

unveiled Charms of The queen , from my perspective

1. Condition for oscillatory ness of a solution of an ODE y''+a(x)y=0
3. the two brothers o and inf
4. The Big contributor "The Derivative"

A new fear in my Mind

Can I survive here? for atleast one more semester

Am I alright?

Day by day , I am becoming more stupid.
7 years back-----> In my B.Sc interview one Lecturer asked me "will you learn Driving a car?"
I said I won't !
5 years back----->My uncle has asked me to buy a scooter for myself in future. I replied with a :)
2 years back-----> One colleague in my office has asked me "Why don't you buy a two wheeler?"
I replied ," Me too have that Interest but I have more concern on carbon
emissions then my enjoyment and I hope I would never ! :) "
8 months back---> After joining here in IITK, one of my friend has asked me to buy a cycle atleast,
This time ,I said "I like to walk as much as I can , and i see upon the
circumstances in future and thereby....
I say to Myself----> I am very lucky to have a perfect , healthy pair of legs.
recently---> My wife has revealed me that she likes to go on a ride with me ,
What should I do now?

After 3 years I came to a Realisation "I am an addict"

P.S. It is that bloody, GNU/Linux.

A big disappointment , can be notable in my life !

My 3 year old work has now become a dupe, forever :(
Got the right link after 3 years,Everything at
P.S. But still they left out something for me. and I am on it. I shall be banging that theory
with my perfect 'EGG' :)