About this blog

I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

This is my destiny :)

जीवन  में  प्रीत  है , होटों पे  गीत  है 
बस  येहि  जीत  है  सुन  ले  राहि 
तु  जिस  दिशा  भी  जा , तु  प्यार  ही  लुटा   
तु  दीप  ही  जला , सुन  ले  राहि 

    రౌతు విజయకృష్ణ ,                                                     

The most beautiful Kiss I have ever seen !

Morning Raga , a Telugu-English mixed-language movie, scripted for advertising the concept of  '' Fusing carnatic classical music with western instruments support '' for which the music was done By Mani sarma(First I didn't believed that it is Him for some while and later I was in confusion to see him as the score maker this movie.
Amazingly done!
And The Most beautiful kiss that I am talking about happens in a song with a village road backdrop and hero rides his lady on a bycycle and a gentle kiss ...so sweet to seee.........  :) 
Do miss it to see If you feel that you are damn Unlucky !

Severely shot'p

Golimaar , a telugu crime/drama based movie done by Puri Jagannath(My all time Best Director) , has told me many of this  current civilazation Trend.  And some dialogs are So nude in truth that we hesitate to accept (All of them were focussed on Male Psychology and some are Generic).
Nice script Sir :)

P.S: Puri is the one among the under-educated Film Directors, whom I admire very much , His kind of Instincts in his movies , I admire more.

I'm blessed with a beautiful sister

I know, Someday i shall have to lose my Parents But My sister is to me like a ray of hope in whom I feel the resemblance of my Ultimate lover(My Father) and a moderately valued  Mother.
Love you ra ! chellemma :)

The most Beautiful Message I ever received from one of my Friends

Define Birthday?
Ans: The only day in your Life, when you cried & your mother was smiling.....   

courtesy: Mr.Narendranath Yerra


something I found Interesting Regarding Shares

Yesterday, A workshop was conducted by B-club members on 'CommodityStocks'.
The Guest speaker Prashanth Reddy a Professional from NCDEX , stated that CommodityStocks are going to be the Futures biggest Trade, not oil or energy or bankings .
I really had enjoyed the session, It made me look into the Stocks in a very different way.
I hope , I shall learn more about it in future.
Many Many thanks to the Speaker.

A new Sprout in my field of thoughts

After listening to 'Morning Raga' album , I , now intent to work on the basic syllables/phonetics 'sarigamapadani' and the science behind it And If possible , look for Any Mathematicization of it.
So that Any tune can be converted into the symbols of mathematics, and hence thereby, their compactifications(if possible)
Nice Music score form Manisarma , You are my second best after Rahman.

A new discovery for Myself ,I Can dance on my own composition of steps

Just a while ago I heard the song "nee valape" from the ROBO-Telugu.
Hurray!, Second Instance onwards , I started dancing like, my soul is flying in breeze and my own composition of movements.
Amazing Art of thou, Rahman!
Thanks man(Some form of God)
P.S: Don't ask me to dance. Copy rights are reserved for my Future wife only :P