About this blog

I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

less time to feel sorrow

a) when I feel sad ,I cry
     when I am crying , I become angry on myself
       when I feel the anguish , I smile at my immaturity :D
b) When I smile , I continue my smile for I am smiling :D
Love to Laugh :)

Now I believe Telugu is one of the best of all languages

English , French,.....  even tamil also have some fucking grammar about their alphabets that some should not be pronounced and some resemble in other way unlike to their apperance And some languages lack some basic sounds too.
In Tamil, they use a single letter for more than one sound.
  The best alphabet with very good grammar and apt pronunciations ,  I found , until now is Telugu (I don't have any Idea about samskritam , this is an exception). In this way I found that every language has some kind of Handicappedness or with bullshit construction.

Kudos to TELUGU ,I love it.

Einstein, Underrated ! Hahaha...

Looking for a Pretty* MATCH

It's been so long since I indulged in a Quarrel. I remember , in my school days during The sunday matches we and some other colony guys used to kick elsewhere and heavily provoking each other if the final result is tending towards the otherside and mailnly when  we smell something like the Bet spent on the match is going to be jeopardized , in Madhuranagar Gardens a Big memory for my fighting Entertainment.
  The next big known assaults is due to my classmate Aravind.He has a habit of biting anywhere else on the body during the fights ,  I fear from him The most.Idiot ,Now he is in a software company, might be biting someones L-!ot 1!p5 so cruelly :P
And my last quarrel was with Sudhakar , my neighbor and friend :) due to some faults in arranging BHOGI fire in my 1st year Bsc.
  Since then I forgot to indulge in assaults due to more more studies.  4vk the studies, errrrr...
Now a days I am requesting my fellow Block mates for some Exercises , :(  refusing , Coz. they might have matured enough ,I guess :P   

Here's my punch take this    punch_03.gif

Courtesy: A recall of my memories when sharing with An Intimate friend.