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I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

Living my Second Life after Kondapalli semi forest adventure

It was a horrible adventure for me and thrilling (not if I was in trouble :).
As I am a person with interest in antiquities, I set myself to visit kondapalli Fort ,outskirts of Vijayawada.
Without giving any notice to my parents I went to the kondapalli place in bare hands.
When I just got down from the city bus at kondapalli (Now 2:30PM),I asked some two kids for the route to Fort. They showed me the right way , But after a while I came across a junction where one path goes towards The jungle and one towards The Fort. The road to Fort seemed to me like nothing but a terminated entrance. and the other way seemed to me like a ghat road so chose it to reach the Fort which I can still see it distantly..
   As I was walking up the mountain by ghat road, gradually I was missing the view of the Fort, after some 15 mins walk I realized that I am moving from one hill to another.The main worry for me is , the route is absolutely calm and hard to find a person. But I'm still curious to reach my destination, so I extended my up walk through that forest like place. 45 mins over by now and the time is Now 3:50PM , upto now the weather was so hazy that I could not see any living creature outside. The climate is adjusting to settle with the darkness of evening.
So far I surpassed some 5 hills as I my usual pace of walking is pretty high.
   At some point mean while I found some bones and feathers of some birds like it was eaten by an animal. I thought some dogs or cats might be the possible responsibles. Suddenly I found some sudden movement in plants and smelt a feeling that some one is following me parallelly but through the bushes . Could be some goats Shepherd , no no might be some thieves hiding in this jungle.I adjusted my self to be little brave and was still going on on shivering heart.
   Some 2 to3 different kinds of grunts and barkings unusual to usual DOG sounds from the bushes and (new friends) are about to attack me in some 2-3 seconds. I suddenly got terrified ,and prepared myself to attack and made some horrible gruntings against them like I am ready to fight them in full command and confidence(Can't imagine what exactly it could have been if they really did attack me). They stopped their movements of attack and again perfect silence. Now I am really frightened as I started to guess what might be their  plan for a perfect attack. And the path is too narrow to walk and the bushes are becoming extremely dense. Still I am curious to reach there though I sense they(new friends) are following me.
  I reached a  place where I found a BIG NEEM tree under which some different kind of Big Knives , large amount of Red saffron and turmeric and some saffroned Rocks . And also some different kind of packets hanging from the branches. And very nearby some rocks with charcoal of smoke like they were setup for fire , and some bones of animals.
  Now I am little doubtful over the path I am moving on, and as they climate is changing to darkness , I have decided to replan this tour for some other day morning. I took some photographs of that place and set for return journey.
 I couldn't see any animals upto now. And I lost their movements even. After some 5 mins of return journey to the base of the hill , I see a white animal following me and at some places I felt like they are settled to attack on me. SO I breaked a dry hard branch of a small tree shaped in Y , and was moving confidently ,singing in a big tone to make the animals sense that I am not smaller animal :) .
But still I can see that white animal is following me. It missed me after some point and I am almost at the foot of the hill. there I found a pair of girl and boy sat on a rock. I surpassed them to reach the place where I got diversion. I asked some orphan street boys playing gilli-Danda for the exact route. They showed me the one I dismissed :P
   Washed my face and took a drink to finish off my journey and to leave for my Home at Gunadala Vijayawada. I have strongly decided to reach FORT and to re-explore that mystical path  again with perfect outgear , weapons and atleast with two brave friends. :D

  As I reached home, I told tthe incident to my sister she told me that the path went was actually the way to  to Secret caves of Kondapalli Kings to hide/evade their property and women when enemies are about to seize.
 And the Suspicious animals that I found later were wild boars and wild dogs And a white jackal.

Is it too long , or I made it long???/
thanks for reading :)