About this blog

I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

నా కోతిగంతులు

Bowling 2010

anaganaga okaroju na bowling slow motion lo

Got some Random Design

Good music for Hip Hop (I'm shuffling)


మా శీనుగాడు చెప్పాడు

 with out knowing how to enjoy what if you have 100 years of lifetime

కత్తిలాంటి మనిషి

అది నేనే :)

GOD exists ! దేవుడు వున్నాడు

ఎక్కడైతే రహస్యం వుందో అక్కడ దేవుడు ఉండి తీరుతాడు 
నమ్మకమే అన్ని నాటకాల మూల సూత్రధారి .
నమ్ముతారా?? :D

"Where there is a mistery there must be a GOD"
Belief is the Actual Architect of all the Drama.

కత్తిలాంటి fight బాసు

సినిమా పేరు "ong  bak" , అసలు మిస్ అవ్వద్దు ఇలాంటి martial  art  movie .

Secret of a Successful Game

One should have an intelligent outside watcher who is in no way involved in the game but observes everything and can analyse the things.
        ---When it comes to our Family affairs it comes out to be a clever friend.
        ---If it is your education , then it might be a teacher who knows both you and your teachers.

Gain your concentration by reading it ALOUD

Yes , It helps alot to be with the flow of reading when you read it  loud( to yourself ) ofcourse not like a Nut :)
I am having this Problem of  lacking concentration suddenly and jumping onto someother thought or branching out to other ideas .
   In my Childhood, especially my father used to force us to read aloud which I later criticized that act to be immature. But now I recognise it's strength when i applied it to myself during the times when I am feeling very difficult to read something in a limited time.
Happy reading... :)
Thanks Bush(My father Rowthu NagaBHUSHanam)

While Eating

You can find how Curious? he is, His mixing capabilities of experiences ,How much greedy ? His perfection levels in a task ! How much helpful , His Shyness ,His Discipline Levels

I have a question

Right After the Birth ,Do a Baby exhibit any signs pointing to the activities of Current generation people or characteristics of her parent's gene.

The way you think of others is actually revealing what you are !.

Image Processing through Diffusion PDE

It has been one month since I started to work in this rare branch unlike the usual way of processing signal with completely  heuristic approach.
Thanks to My guide.

recent telugu good entertainers I watched

తీన్మార్ ,మిరపకాయ్ ,మనీ మనీ మోర్ మనీ ,డార్లింగ్ ,గోలీమార్ ,దగ్గరగా దూరంగా  ,దూకుడు ,బద్రీనాథ్ ,ఆరెంజ్