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I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

Recently I have come to know some interesting Linux terminal commands

1. cat
2. watch
3. vmstat
4. top
5. who
6. cd ~ (- for previous directory)
7. dd
8.  time (very important)
9. touch
10. dmidecode
11. sed
12. grep
13. ln
14. eject -t
15. ~ (escape key in ssh remote console followed by ctrl+z)
16. tail
17. #!bin/bash
18. .. (parent dir , can be used recursively)

Madhuri in 2008 appearence with slate

2010 raptisagar express with pavan and me to kanpur

On lying , frequent intecourse And having Tongue :P

1. Those who talk less, thinks more deep.
    They have comparatively lesser chances to lie to those who talks continuously.
2. The attitude of doing more intercourse(x) is an implication to one's Fitness for survival
    through generations by transmitting  their code(character) to copy into
    multiple bodies.
3. When it comes to proposing to an opposite sex , the more you convey the
    better the chances you get and proportionally higher rate of success.
       May be this is one of the reasons why people with Tongue can influence
    more than those who with just brains.

stability of inverse proportional realtion for large numbers

What I figured out is,
   The function with variables x and y and a konstant k provided such that xy=k has strong stabilty in y when x is very large.
i.e. a bit of change in x (for large x values) is not going to disturb the value of y as much as x does.
  for xy=k
D(xy)=0  =>  xDy+yDx=0
 ===> Dy=-k/sqr(x) * Dx
  for larger values of x  the change Dx is vanishes to Dy.

P.S: same can be applied for y variable though.

Enhancing the Not so bright Images

(first Log Transformation and then Histogram Equalization applied)


A Serious game on Privacy

Be careful in revealing your personal information on social networking sites. The Business trend is to Play with Peoples private Life. Be careful.

why we express


If someone forces you to work in weekends.

It doesn't matters to me. But ...check

a file's postmortem

Recently , I took some great help from Mr. Sitaramanjaneyulu , in doing the postmortem of any file using c ++ Language.
   It started with a TIFF Image file strucure , working with BITMAP image now.
Still more to be investigated. :)

A successful technique to get involved in your pending works.

Make a proper mix of your work with your favourite spice that fits well with your pending work.

Is Advanced level mathematics an alien thing??

I don't think so...
  Whatever the Techniques we use to solve problems in mathematics are all just some freaky combinations of elementary techniques we learned from our lower classes.
   What I suspect is , Novel creatures are not evolving from mathematics these days , all are just the past's grand Hybrid children may be we learning a lot  the past and stopped thinking to create the freaks.

List of ways to find square root of a positive number

1. Approximation using Taylor's series by choosing  base to be a known square.
2. Vedic Method
3. using Binomial therem with exponent as 1/2.
4. Babylonian Method of Iterations.
5. still any??

I am a Square Number??

Question: If I give you an Integer , Can you tell me whether it is a square or
given n belongs to Natural Numbers , does there exists a M in Natural numbers such that  M^2=N??

Answer: I don't Know.

I recommend Ayurvedam

1) Assuming Allopathy (mainstream medicine) as the only way to cure an illness is insane.
2) Chemicals are mostly un-Natural compounds where as herbs are gifts from Nature.
3) If we don't believe in our ancestral wisdom on cures then who will??
4) Our daily Indian lifestyle is entirely Ayurvedic , recently some diversions due to
    industrilisation and profit based businesses.
  Ayurvedam is our countries pride , Don't wait to start it until some whitemen patents them as their own.
5) Personally , I found ayurvedic treatments as the most harmless of all .
   Eg: No Spray for Sinusitis helped me through years but salt water treatment is
          simple but extremely powerful , I am Amazed.
       Jai Hind