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Genes that become more stronger in future.

I thought about Hindu gothra System and DNA for similarities . Wondered at the ancestors deep knowledge on science.  In Hindu system , a boy and girl of same gothra should not marry as it produces kids with biological disorders.  I searched more on this on NETWORK , found more views near to me.
   I read Brahmans evolved from only 8 rishi's (have 8 gothrs only). This means , there would be atleast one same gothra marriage will happen in every 8-sequence of generations. But this effect is negligible over mutations in 8 generations(Hindus prefer atleast 2 generations gap for same gothra marriage).
  My final line is ,The community with less variations in gothra will be the weakest group in future.
This shows , the big communities will become stronger and more stronger and the weak will die soon to single numbers or disappearance in long run.

P.S: Inter-cast marriages are taken negligible in this view.