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Why Norway like western countries have strict rules for punishing Kids

Infact , their criminal codes are not for punishing or Disciplining the kid , but to stop child molestations which so frequent in perverted Western Countries.
     As west people don't strict their entire married life to one husband/ onewife.
Here comes the problem , If someone divorces his/her spouse and marries a new person , the new spouse will surely have a awkward feelings on their step children.
 So to  protect those kids from these new parent , they have coded their penal sections  for any kind of beatings or misbehaviour.
  Unfortunately , our Indian Parents are fallen to this trap cage in Norway , may be more in future.
 P.S:  But I support the AP govt Act of "Imprisonment"  for Teachers who punish school kids violently.
హే  హి , దూల తీరింది , teachers  కి .