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I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

ఆడాళ్లెందుకు తెగ ముస్తాబవుతారు ?

వాళ్ళు అందంగా ఉండరన్న నిజం తెలుసు కనుక . 

Why girls do makeup

Because  they know the truth that they are ugly, indeed , like all the female creatures in this world.

a sudden Dooms day ahead

We are far more successful in pumping water out of the earths underground but ignored about sinking the rain water or used water to the under ground. So what can happen next?   A big vacuum will be formed inside and creates pressure on earths surface.
   Oil digging, shale gas exploring all these are another added advantage to the earths core pressure.

Either Lava should come out or ground layer should  collapse. Which one  is your favorite?

Proving wellposedness for modified cahn hilliard equation for multilodal segmentation

1. I have started proving the existence of weak solution through faedo-galerkin method in a finite dimensional subspace.
It evolved into a Matrix IVP with vector of polynomial entries on right hand side.

2. Used weak compactness theorem (Banach–Alaoglu theorem ) to find a weak limit.

3. After deriving some a-priori estimates for that weak limit as well as for finite dimensional sequences in some Bochner spaces (space-time Lebesgue) it has been shown that the time derivative is in the required Dual space.

4. A lemma on Gelfand triplet is used to show that the weak solution is continuous in time.

5. Using the above continuity argument for the sub sequence and its weak limit, the limit has been passed inside the operators of the finite dimensional formulation (Faedo-Galerkin) of the problem. Hence the Existence.

6.  To prove the uniqueness of the solution  Lipschitz(L) continuity of polynomial being used to show the the norm of the difference of two different solution is bounded by a negative energy, provided L, epsilon and lambda satisfy a constraint.

7. Continuous dependence on the data was proved using Lipschitz constant and with fixed time interval.

8. Showing the total Energy dissipation needs some more grey activity in my brain. (Even, Bertozzi et al couldn't establish it though it is evident from computations)

9. Inner-product of time derivative and bi-harmonic term has been  proved to be equal to the time derivative of L2  inner product  of the the Laplacians.

10. The numerical scheme used was Convex-Concave splitting in time and Fourier spectral form in space. Due to periodic boundary conditions, it becomes an algebraic expressions resulting direct evaluation.

11. Time complexity has been analysed and is found to be of the order of ann fft algorithm.

అదీ సంగతి !

 హీరోయిన్స్ తెలుగు  వాళ్ళు కాదు , గాయకులూ తెలుగువాళ్ళు కాదు .
ఏం ఏం ....
   తను ఏ బూతు పాటకు నృత్యం చేస్తుందో తెలియదు/అర్థం కాదు కాబట్టి తెలుగురాని అమ్మాయి అయితే సరిపోతుంది . తను ఏ బూతులు పాడుతుందో/పాదితున్నాడో  తెలియదు కాబట్టి తెలుగురాని తెలుగు గాయకులు .
అదీ మన బూతు(లాంటి) చిత్రాల నిర్మాతల లెక్క .

Ratio between good people and bad people from youtube likes

For the most popular videos and of reasonably good content, the Likes to dislikes proportion is about 10:1  approximately. 
I define a bad guy as one who treats a good thing as bad.
and a good guy as one treats a good thing as good thing.
P.S:  The voters(Likers/ dislikers) are assumed to represent the entire viewers.

Death of randomness

"Death of Randomness" is the last event in the story of scientific discoveries.

We say something is random if w can't predict, But why? we are not able to predict?
The reason is so far we couldn't establish the relation between the underlying quantities apparent and non-apparent in this scientific world.
 Lets model everything.

So far no law is exact. I mean we have not found a perfect equation.

why men are more aggressive and not constrained at selective sex where as women are very selective

I guess the reason might be that a born child will have more gene contribution from its father then mother.
  So fathers might be more interested in spreading their own copies in large and  not cared about severe selection of female candidate. Where as women are very selective in choosing it's kid's profile. I am interested to find why a female want to give birth to a baby that has to be genetically healthy and special in society though her gene contribution is not much.
   yeah, one reason might be her gestation period is too long (9 months and difficult ) , so she might be developing love on her hard earned product.
   Even though it can be of any weak gene but why she want that gene to be healthy and intelligent, handsome etc.  May be she want to see her more loved own product becomes a target for other females.

narendramodi in telugu నరేంద్రమోడి తెలుగు

నరేంద్రమోడి తన వెబ్సైటు తెలుగులోనే కాకుండా మిగతా భాషలలో కూడా ఉంచడం చాల గొప్ప విషయమ్.


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