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A big milestone in my life, learning with client - server interaction

First I must thank my cousin Bhaskar Teja. He first advised me to try free cloud services from Azure when I spoke about my intentions to learn client server communication using php and mysql.
But, as I was already in love with Google products, so I looked at Google if it is providing anything for web applications on its server and free, of course.
  Hurray! GCP, Google cloud platform I found. but lot of resources and their interface is mind boggling.
  I dared to take the bitter pill and started.
Day by day the things are slowly coming to my understanding. On third day I could transport my sql image to the cloud. and deployed it for communicating from my home machine using a GCP cloud generated ip address.
For that I also was required to enable my local ip address to the GCP.
  4th day I used the provided cloud sql services ip to be used on my localhist php server. but I allowed only ssl certified connections only.
  This required me to patch every php request to the server with a ssl set of instructions. so my post requests are utterly failing as I still don't know how to properly use ssl enabled access.
  Today I revoked the ssl connections constraint on the GCP cloud.
and also removed all the ssl related tags in the php requests.
  Bingo! 200 GET in green!
All my php requests to GCP are taking same time intervals that used to see on my local server.
  Now I am empowered with the least details for a client-server communication handling.
  Next my move is to take a web host with php enabled services.
  Good luck to those who are still to try GCP.