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Ghajni invaded India Atlast

On August 8th 2011, It was declared that I defeated the CSIR-UGC NET/JRF exam comprehensively with a Register Number 423482 and ranked at 60.
 Here are information on  previous unsuccessful attempts,
2006 DEC -HYD
2007 DEC -HYD qualified  NET only
2008 DEC -HYD
2009 DEC -HYD
2010 JUN -HYD
2011 JUN -LUCKNOW qualified JRF/NET
  The main reason for the success being the pattern was changed to objective type from 2-session Objective-subjective type.

P.S: gate Ranks at http://rowthu.blogspot.com/2009/03/my-gate-ranks-for-last-attempts.html