About this blog

I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

a Day waiting for our Regret

Our senseless attitude towards fast growing technological culture is actually leading us to face many many disasters that can never be reversible.
    One day we start to regret and from there on wards , a new world of pathetic rules will surely evolve.
P.S: Albeit we know all these things we are not in a position to sacrifice our luxuries(current generation needs).

Reverse Diffusion in Image Processing

Thinking to enhance an image through reverse diffusion , a known model is by cahn-hilliard equation.

Spiral Geometry construction

Recently , I thought of this Spiral axis to span a 2D plane , but found very few literature over this.
By the way , I come across an intersting article of  Ulam spirals or prime spirals that reveals some patterns of Prime integers.
P.S: this is a reminder for me.

Devilish nature of Randomness

No Mathematical Theory can beat the Phenomenon of randomness , comprehensively.
   As I lost a huge pile of 1,20,000 INR in Indian Stock market over the last one year , I could not conquer  The devilish Nature of Randomness .
  Though my methods(10 nearly) are less prone to loss , but could not figure out when to square off a buy.
Still not learned from the kicks on my butt , but trying to design a new profitable working model .
 P.S:  I have a method that gives you evergreen profits or neutral state , Provided you have the amount equal to the worth of the whole company.
     The more money one has the more cruel instincts one can show in this stock market.
This is a race of Horses where everyone thinks for.profit. So I want to test on simulators to loss everytime i buy/sell.
Have to see what the result would be.
        I'll post it in a day.

most successful trick in intraday trading

Buy at the foot of a sudden drop 
    but with a keen eye on market depth and
    flowing transactions at the moment and 
    trend over some span of days 
And the most important is selling 
    sell price depends on the strength of the entity and 
        stable points and
        current market mood.