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I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

Trick for applying Rouche's Thorem to find zeros of complex polynomial

It involves proper selection of f and g such that |g|<|f|
Trick : Always chose the f(z) to be a monomial from the given polynomial   terms.

interpolation on sobolev spaces

for 0<theta<1
 and a,b be positive numbers then

then a new sobolev space  S^c is given by  =[S^a ,S^b] for given theta such that  c=theta*a+(1-theta)*b

Reference: Thm 2.6.3 page 92 in Kesavan's book of "functional analysis and applications"
Note: Deducing norms is trivial

Why western pairs are bad at living together

There girls don't compromise on a relation, where as the Indian subcontinent girls are very good at.
   as there is a famous saying,
"Indian wife, American salary , British Home , German car"

Research vs cooking (Culinary art)

i see a very strong correlation between the art of cooking and scientists

IIT GATE 13 MATHEMATICS Problem 5 on trace of a 2x2-matrix product

IIT GATE 13 MATHEMATICS Problem 1 on ske-symmetric and orthogonal matrix eigenvalues

what is PhD?

1. you title your own course
2. you chose your own syllabus
3. you conduct your own classes
4. you take your own exam
5. But, get evaluated by your guide and others.

Madly fell in love with chess

The world championship between Anand and the kid, carlsen was the actual point that raised my Epinephrine(adrenalin) levels for the brutal mind game of chess. Previously I was an addict to stock market , now chess making me mad(playing all the nights on chess servers with worldwide players, of course losing all the matches). One more thing that doesn't need any explanation that i am an addict is Cricket(not TV watching). Still suffering from it . Next is, that  amazing math problems enticing me for all the day and night for a tireless romantic battle(won most of the times).
  Third is my fiance :)