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I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

My opengl VC++ hunts have begun

Don't know how much I can learn in opengl

A promise

*he want to change he*self forever , I thi nk I can wait.

know your linux system information


My AutoBiography

Vijayakrishna Rowthu Profile

My personal Abstract :)

At present ,I am working as a junior Research Scholar , here at IIT-Kanpur,INDIA in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

"once upon a time"

There lived a freak :) who never thought of 'what to become' and was used to play all the day on weekends and by the way he also used to eat some kicks form his parents like they were playing soccer ,from top to bottom using almost all the weapons ;)from kitchen to garden.
After his secondary schooling he thought of joining in the army as he found a disgusting thing that 'everyone heading for engineering courses like a herd of sheeps' and more truth is that his financial condition was also not that sound. So he took MSP in B.Sc. ,cause it is little cheaper than MPC course :)
First year it went busy somehow in library reading dictionaries ,encyclopaedias ,Miscellanious .Eventually he fell in love
with the witch of sciencs ,some intimidated people call her The queen of sciences ,'Mathematics'.
There my identity was lost , yet in search of my Existence and this wandering may come to an end by the end of this year.

"Some Past"

I was an Undergraduate student here when 2005-07 in the branch of Mathematics & Statistics ,after then I was hired into HCL Infosystems (Pondicherry)
as an R&D Engineer , but my psyche discouraged me to dwell in that field despite my Poor avidity to Money (,even till today My Financial Conditions are
still unchanged !) ,Soon I joined in an E-Learning Company based at Visakhapatbnam as an online Tutor , as a part of Preparation to get into an academic
Institution for Research in my Favourites Geometry and Physics.

"Pseudo Present"

   And now on my way(since 2 1/2 years) to shape, some of my work on elliptic equations in to a worthful article


and apart from that now doing 3 courses and a Research Unit course in CFD , as per the curriculum of the Ph.D. course designed here in our


My Future? Ha Ha Ha ...It's a big joke

My personal Interests are in :


Mathematical Physics ,

Human Psychology ,

Philosophy of the prevailing Biological Nature

and in Mathematical Computing / [GNU]Shell Scripting .

Want to have more?

Your kind Suggestions are welcome at, 2rowthu@gmail.com
I have found one truth about me "I am an Animal, sometimes I try to wrap that with my intelligence" :)

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My new friend Migraine

In last december (  i.e. in 2009 dec)  I suffered a lot from one side head ache(due to sudden change in weather (from vijayawada to kanpur in severe winter))) for nearly 2 days then I went to  health center , there I got the right treatment(successive dose of painkillers for 3 days))  to lose my vision somewhat bad And later on for 3 weeks I was walking like a drug addict due to partially unconscious state of mind. (Making everyone to think as if I took some Ganza)  , What can I do , poor vijay !  Later on , I realized one more beautiful truth that I am bowling without vision, batting has become  more worst .  My friend  Pavan always used to suggested me to consult an opthomologist , But I didn't.
    Now I am  repenting .
Cause, I am again caught by the same pain after having 5 consecutive swims (wet head) , this time I  could manage it with just one painkiller(ofcourse fought with it some 2.5 days already ) and some paracetamols and Half the amrutanjanam bottle  :)  ,still eating the  restless nights  . Vision is superbly bad now.

P.S: The main culprit was My Sinusitis (I am having her love since 2004  , B.Sc)
        Already 1 major 2 minor operations being done.

My aim to write this post is to make yo know How sexy "The sinusitis" is ! Becareful friends , take early actions else repent like me   in writing these blog posts.

Enjoy  your Life

The Expected

This post is related to  http://rowthu.blogspot.com/2010/02/new-fear-in-my-mind.html

An unexpected result made my expectation true.  Don't know whether to cherish  or  mourn this moment .
I was awarded a beautiful F (fail) grade  in Abstract Algebra (compulsary course) . The instructor is known for his cool mentality in grading( used to give A & B s only) , But this time what the HELL has happened to him , He punished me very badly , He said I got 29 in final which made me short of 1 mark to have got passed.
That one fking F changed all my academic record (past and future) caused me to take an unavoidable offer  of  Termination.
  All my future plans are going to SUCK.