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Surprised by the a doubled ssh trick for X

The Institute has blocked the connectivity inbetween The Hostel Machines , but one can connect to the central servers.

Here I misused my brain to connect another hostel PC from my Room PC.
First , I , ssh'd  the central server from there I ssh'd the other Hostel PC. And it is not denying the connectivity.
Hurray now I can watch any Hostel desktop if permitted by the other terminal.
Awesome feel.
The happy thing is that X is also forwarding  through the two ssh layers to reach my desktop screen .
Now the target is to FTP'd and the to start a New DC hub in the Campus that runs on MId nights too(Now it is blocked between 12 and 6AM ) by the Computer Center Autorities.

Note: ssh'd is different from sshd(which usually stands for daemon service)