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I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

NRI never returning indians

I was also used to be one of the mob criticizing the brain drain or workers working abroad for foreign countries just for money.
  But the very good thing very few recognise is the drain of selfish impatriot people from this country, which is a virtue for any peace loving prosperous country like BharathDes.
 Those people who left the country and staying there and don't want to return to BharathDes are helping out country to become a place of true lovers of BharathDes.
Jai Hind.

P.S: Those who return back to BharathDes are much stronger patriots than us, leaving good salaries over there.

National database of indian research scholars

I intend to see a dedicated website for national research scholars database to expose research activities of various students in various indian institutes/universities , so that important social issues can be tackled by proper communication and information.

The website name can be www.ndirs.org 

Are message oriented movies can change our attitude towards the society

May be not of ours but a young child's mind can have huge impact from those msg oriented movies like those of shankar tamil director. That is the coming generation may not tolerate the unjust acts in the society.

why reading is interesting than watching its visual. Eureka! after reading some of chekov's stories...

chekov explains the seen like a screenplay writer and is not worried about happy ending finishing segments. 
  Most of teh novels and stories are made into movies but most of the readers say novels are much interesting than the directed movies.

The simple reason being that, while reading you keep account of each and every scene with more subtle details, dialogues and even murmurings of the not so important characters. Because they all are being read by your mind where as in video the scene moves so fast that your senses realize  only the main impacting elements of the situation. and the orgasm of adrenalin in the mind  happens less compared to slow and chewy reading.

Language barrier when teaching to tribal students

As we are imposing our own traditions and constraints on them to become so called civilized people, I have decided to prepare a language free educational content /syllabus for tribal education upto some elementary standards.

P.S: after reading the  report by a tribal teacher
 on tribal education i want to do it in the way, told.

Image Encryptor

If you are want to hide a photo like a different one and replace it back when you want  , try my octave code in octave terminal.

name of the application is jumble.m
resolution of images should be 1200x1600 RGB
still there is a colour quality degradation.

code starts here:::

 ### RGB Photo encryption using octave
### Algorithm row column jumbling using 100 bunch splittings
### Author SamaraSamurai
### date 14:01:2014
### place FB520 IIT Kanpur
clear all;
##Note: All images should be RGB and of resolution 1200x1600
##      Keep all the source images in Pictures folder of the current directory where this program file been saved.
drktry='~/Pictures/';  ## directory, where source files are.

crypt=input('1 for encryption, 0 for decryption :');


### index Jumblers making

### Main program

for ii=1:length(files),
fulfylstr=strcat(drktry,files(ii).name); ## full file name-path
A=imread(fulfylstr);  ## reading an image data from the given path using octave-image package(install using standard ubuntu repos)


### Encryption of photos

a=reshape(1:1200,300,4)';  ## here 1200=300x4 , can use any 2 term factorisation.
b=reshape(1:1600,400,4)';  ## here 1600=400x4 , can use any 2 term factorisation.
 imwrite(B,strcat(drktry,sprintf('encrypted-%d',ii) ,'.jpg'));  ## saving as encrypted images to Pictures folder


### Decryption of photos

 a=reshape(1:1200,4,300)';   ## here 1200=300x4 , can use any 2 term factorisation.
 b=reshape(1:1600,4,400)';   ## here 1600=400x4 , can use any 2 term factorisation.
 imwrite(C,strcat(drktry,sprintf('decrypted-%d',ii) ,'.jpg'));  ##saving the decryped images from encrypted sources in Pictures folder


అంధ్రప్రదేశ్ విభజనకు పిచ్చెక్కి పోతున్న చెత్త parliamentary నాయకులు ముఖ్యగా మన పక్క రాష్త్రాల వాళ్ళే .

MP నుంచి    కమల్నాథ్ , దిగ్విజయ్ సింగ్
మహారాష్ట్ర నుంచి   షిండే , పవర్
తమిళనాడు కేరళ  నుంచి  చిదంబరం , వయలార్ రవి
వీళ్ళ స్వంత నియోజకవర్గంలో దిక్కుదివాణం లేదు , దేశాన్ని ముక్కలు చేయటానికి సిద్దమయ్యారు దుర్మార్గులు .

good teachers

 A teacher is good if and only if he loves children. 

most beautiful persons

smiling babies :)

port scan

recently , I wondered to know whether any of my ports are vulnerable.
so I checked on net and found 'nmap' command will tell you that. try in terminal.

మౌనం మరలింది

నాన్న ప్రతి చిన్న విషయాలలో తలదూర్చి , వంకలు పెడుతున్నాడని కోపంతో సుమారుగా రెండు నెలల కిందట ఫోన్ చేయటం మానేసా .  ఇప్పుడే  రెండు గంటల క్రితం కొత్త సంవత్సరం సందర్భంగా నాన్నని కాస్త సంతోష పెడదామని మాట్లాడా , అదీ ఖచ్చితంగా 00:00 సమయానికి . అందరితో మాట్లాడాను .  

Recent conference Submissions in dec 2013

On 20th of Dec 2013 , "PDE based Image processing Theory and computation has been presented in "International conference on Recent advances in mathematical sciences and applications RAMSA-13" held at gayatri vidyaparishad visakhapatnam by my supervisor.

On 31st dec 2013 ,"PDE techniques for segmenting Inner-ear CT Images " was presented  in "An International Conference on Mathematical Modeling  And Computer Simulation with Applications" held at IIT kanpur by me.