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I feel this blog as a reflection of my thoughts to myself , and sometimes as a public diary, and the last she is my best friend to share my thoughts who says never a "oh no! ,you shouldn't....That Disgusts...."

Indian husband love before night, funny!

In US 🇺🇸
When couples go to bed 👀 they say,
"Good Night Darling"

In Japan 🇯🇵,
"Good Night My Love"

In UK 🇬🇧,
"Sweet Dreams Darling"

In India 🇮🇳,
"సిలిండర్ ఆపు చేశావా..?
(did you switched off the gas cylinder? )
అట్టు పిండి ఫ్రిడ్జ్ లో పెట్టావా..?
(did you put the dosa {a kind of pizza diugh  but very tastier than actual pizza} batter in the fridge?)
ఇంటి  గేట్లు లాక్ చేసావుగా ..?
[did you locked the house gate?}
బాత్ రూం లైట్స్ ఆఫ్ చేశావా..?"
[did you switched off all the lights]
సరే ఇక పడుకో! ..😁
(you can sleep now! )

😂😂😂😝😂 ఌ౽ఞఙ